Aqua Imperial Inn Spa
the tropical lagoon of Transylvania

Have you ever wondered how would it be if there were no responsibilities? We have. And we created the universe in which you need to escape from time to time. Enjoy it. Delights, relaxation, silence. A warm and pleasant atmosphere. The spa is an intimate place, just like all the recreation spots in the hotel. The reason you come for two days, but you stay for more.


You have the largest spa within a hotel in Romania and even in Europe.

1,500 m² of release. A tropical lagoon that unleashes you from the urban bustle thanks to the rocky walls, the waterfalls, the caves, and the tropical plants.

Aqua Therapy
Swim and clear your mind
Swimming brings a lot of benefits. It tones your muscles, stimulates blood circulation, helps to maintain a stable blood pressure, strengthens ligaments, corrects your body posture and much more. In addition, it helps you clear your mind and relieve stress. It is also recommended to pregnant women because it reduces the discomfort associated with pregnancy and straightens the muscles. We provide a 26 meters long, 12 meters wide and 1.6-2 meters deep pool. Also, a children's pool, a salt water pool, and two jacuzzis located near the circular fireplace and inside the cave.
Spa Zone
Take care of your body and relax
It's not a fad to spend the day at the spa. It's the right choice for a healthy lifestyle. The first step towards that is realizing that you need to take care of yourself. Pamper yourself and relax, because as long as you take care of your body, you will mentally feel better. Take advantage of the benefits that spa brings. It removes stress, gets you away from everyday problems, it tremendously helps you detoxify, improves your blood circulation and respiration, and an excellent therapeutic massage cures your sore muscles. Moreover, it provides valuable time spent with the loved ones. Try them all: Finnish sauna, aromarium, Roman bath, kneipp, Turkish bath – hammam, Scottish showers, total immersion pool after sauna, massage cabins, and chromotherapy and relaxation rooms.
Treat your body with salty air and water
We know how good salt is, we know its benefits. Inhaling salted air helps you treat the respiratory disorders, and bathing in salt water disinfects and detoxifies. In addition, it eliminates problems caused by stress, like sleep disorders, and anxiety. Therefore, we prepared the perfect place, with an intimate atmosphere, the saline you have at your disposal when you need it, close to you. The saline is 6 meters underground, and it is composed of a salty sauna and a salt cave with two waterfalls.
Imperial Inn Spa Prices
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